Tilt & Turn Windows

Richard Thomas Tilt & Turn design have built in versatility combining the benefits of a large area of glass that opens giving good ventilation and ease of cleaning.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Simple, smart, contemporary - the best choice for easy cleaning and secure ventilation

Opening at the top or the side, the Richard Thomas tilt and turn window is simple to clean and always secure. Tilt and turn windows are made from strong and durable PVCu, virtually maintenance free and their simple style is particularly suited to contemporary homes.

Simply turn the window handle once and you can open the top slightly to let in air while retaining a high level of security. Turn the handle further and the window hinges inwards for ease of cleaning and escape should there be an emergency.

Different Colours and Finishes



White Ash


Irish Oak


Golden Oak



3 Good Reasons to have new Windows

  • To improve energy saving.

  • To improved home security.

  • To make maintenance easier.