Why choose Bay windows?

Bow & Bay windows are installed using reinforced window frames. The frames are connected using structural bay pole assembly kits and/or reinforced corner posts for square bay windows.


Available Colours

Colour range for Bow and Bay windows includes Painswick Grey, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green, Mahogany, Black, Cream, Irish Oak, White Ash & Anthracite Grey. All of our windows can benefit from having a white internal colour with any one of these colours externally.

Benefits of Bow and Bay windows


Bow and Bay windows are elegant extensions of the homes they inhabit. The recognisable curved shape can add a touch of sophistication to any home..

Light and inviting

Due to the curved shape they invite light from outside from a wide variety of angles and create areas of space and warmth.

Flexible installation

For those without the fortune to play host to Bow or Bay windows, these windows can be installed by creating a new roof and base to house the beautiful Bow and Bay curves of the window frame.



Gallery of Bay windows

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