Why choose Casement windows?

Casement windows are one of the most popular window styles in the UK. With Richard Thomas Casement windows which are tailor-made to suit your home, manufactured to fit virtually any height or width you require, it serves as the perfect solution for the majority of homes.

Richard Thomas Casement windows have a variety of energy efficient options for you to choose from as well as the latest security features giving you absolute peace of mind. 


Available Colours

Colour range for Casement windows includes Painswick Grey, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green, Mahogany, Black, Cream, Irish Oak, White Ash & Anthracite Grey. All of our windows can benefit from having a white internal colour with any one of these colours externally.


Benefits of Casement windows

Opening arc

Due to design, Casement windows can be opened wider than any other type, enabling maximum control over air-flow in your home.

Unspoiled views

Casement windows require less window furniture such as muntins ensuring a perfect and un hindered view.


The shape of the locking mechanism on Casement Windows make these windows notoriously difficult to compromise. The Hook-shaped locks are imbedded within the frames themselves helping to ensure levels of utmost security after installation. Between 6 and 10 locking options available. Your design consultant will discuss this with you in more detail.



Gallery of Casement windows

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