Why choose French windows?

French Windows are suitable when home-owners prefer the capability of operating both sashes, leaving a totally uninterrupted open area. French Windows operate in a similar way to French Doors. One sash is the Master, which can be opened and closed at will. The second is the Slave sash that can only be opened when the Master is open.


Available Colours

Colour range for French windows includes Painswick Grey, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green, Mahogany, Black, Cream, Irish Oak, White Ash & Anthracite Grey. All of our windows can benefit from having a white internal colour with any one of these colours externally.

Benefits of French windows

Dual operation

Due to it's similarity with French Doors, our French Windows provide dual operation - providing the operator with the ability to open both or just a single window.


Our French windows are elegantly designed for simplicity, ensuring either window can be opened easily from the inside from multiple angles.


Due to the lack of moving mechanisms in this design, these are one of the most secure sets of windows currently available. Operation can be only enacted from inside.



Gallery of French windows

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