The Lean-to conservatory

Ideal for properties with little room under the eaves or for homeowners that prefer a clean simple look. The pitch of a roof can be varied, making this a versatile and ever popular style.



Suitable for most homes

The simple lines of this design complements all styles of architecture and with only a small number of customisations such as choice of door, window and decorative finishes, you can truly make this style your own.

Glazing options

With a choice of roof, your Lean-to conservatory can benefit from glass or solid roofing. 

Variety of materials

Select from a variety of materials, all of which are made to last and are available in a wide range of colours and effects. 


Our Lean-to conservatories are custom designed and built from the ground up by our specialist conservatory builders using only the best materials.





Gallery of Lean-To Conservatories

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