Why choose Tilt & Turn windows?

Opening at the top or the side, the Richard Thomas Tilt and Turn window is simple to clean. Tilt and Turn windows are made from strong and durable PVCu, virtually maintenance free and their simple style is particularly suited to contemporary homes.  

Simply turn the window handle once and you can open the top slightly to let in air while retaining a high level of security. Turn the handle further and the window hinges inwards for ease of cleaning and escape should there be an emergency.


Available Colours

Colour range for Tilt & Turn windows includes Painswick Grey, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green, Mahogany, Black, Cream, Irish Oak, White Ash & Anthracite Grey. All of our windows can benefit from having a white internal colour with any one of these colours externally.

Benefits of Tilt & Turn windows


Tilt & Turn windows in a range of colours. Make use of our broad colour palette to show some individuality in your installation. 

Energy efficient

Tile & Turn windows with a range of glazing options. If energy efficiency is important to you, we have the solution to match.

Range of motion

With Tilt & Turn windows you benefit from dual opening arcs. Tilt & Turn windows can be operated like a traditional casement window or via a top or bottom hinge, depending on your choice. This enables the operator with more control over air-flow and space-saving compared with other window types.



Gallery of Tilt & Turn windows

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