Why choose Vertical Slider windows?

Richard Thomas vertical sliders are almost indistinguishable from the original timber vertical slider, yet it offers all the inherent advantages of modern materials. These windows capture the classic stylish looks of a Georgian sliding window without the risks of drafts and poor security.


Available Colours

Colour range for Vertical Slider windows includes Painswick Grey, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green, Mahogany, Black, Cream, Irish Oak, White Ash & Anthracite Grey. All of our windows can benefit from having a white internal colour with any one of these colours externally.

Benefits of Vertical Slider windows


Vertical Slider windows are designed give you the utmost control over airflow. Housing two frames, you can slide the top pane downwards to encourage hot air to escape and sliding the bottom pane upwards can invite cool air inside.


Based on an authentic Victorian design, Vertical Sliders have the classic charm that will suit any home.


The shape of the locking mechanism on Vertical Slider Windows make these windows notoriously difficult to compromise.